International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning

International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning Online ISSN: 1833-4105

International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning (IJPL) is an international, scholarly, independently and anonymously peer-reviewed open online journal. It focuses on issues and trends in pedagogies and learning in local and global contexts.

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  • General instructions for authors
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The aim of the journal is to publish high quality research that focuses on the essence of pedagogy and learning and related issues and trends. It has broad scope across disciplines to stimulate discussion and lead to improvement in relation to authoritative and emerging/new pedagogies and forms of learning. It encourages the sharing of ideas that contribute to the transformation of contemporary conceptions and understandings in order to reshape and revitalise educational policy and practice from the perspectives of educators, learners and education systems alike. These ideas are intended to be simultaneously anchored in local, regional and national contexts and to be international and transnational in intent and impact. The journal publishes a minimum of three issues online each year: April, August and December and encourages and is supportive of proposals for special issues and guest editorships.

General instructions to authors

International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning considers only manuscripts that strictly abide by the conditions that your manuscript:

  • is your own original work, and does not duplicate any other previously published work, including your own previously published work;
  • has been submitted only to International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning and it is not “under consideration” or “under peer review” or has been “accepted for publication” or is “in press” or “published” elsewhere;
  • contains nothing that is abusive, defamatory, libellous, obscene, fraudulent, or illegal.

Please note that International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning applies quality assurances processes to check the originality of manuscripts such that your submission of your manuscript is taken as your agreement to such checks as part of the peer-review and journal production process. Following receipt of your manuscript, only submissions judged to be suitable for further consideration will be sent out for anonymous peer review.

All materials and editorial correspondence pertaining to submission procedures and publishing policies should be directed to the editor: Shirley O’Neill,

No correspondence will be entered into outside the review process. However, requests for authoring assistance and advice may be sought via

Journal submission instructions

We appreciate your selection of International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning for your preferred publisher. The following instructions are provided to be strictly followed in order to ensure an efficient process for the consideration of your manuscript.

  1. Guidelines for length of text not counting abstract and references – 3500-6000 words.
  2. Style – American Psychological Association APA (6th. ed.).
  3. Font – Times Roman 12.
  4. Formatting – Do not use any automatic formatting, headers and footers.
  5. Line spacing – must be single line spacing with indentation for new paragraph.
  6. Add page numbers bottom right.
  7. Headings – No more than three levels of headings:
    1. Heading Level 1 Arial 12 bold capitals
    2. Heading Level 2 Arial 12 bold sentence case
    3. Heading Level 3 Arial 12 sentence case italics
  8. Your manuscript must consider Level 1 headings of ABSTRACT; INTRODUCTION; LITERATURE; DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY; RESULTS, DISCUSSION; CONCLUSIONS; REFERENCES unless it is a discussion piece or book review.
  9. Each table and figure should be sent as an individual file – all figures should be in jpeg format and should also be included in the text.
    Keywords should be written in bold, Times Roman 12 lowercase.
    Review criteria are provided, which we advise to use as a self-assessment checklist.

Download Criteria

Fees – From 01 July 2017, upon formal acceptance of your manuscript for publication a modest publishing fee of AUD$35.00 is payable at the time of acceptance and signing of the publishing contract.

Editorial Board

Shirley O’Neill- University of Southern Queensland, Australia – Editor

Lindy Abawi- University of Southern Queensland, Australia – Associate Editor

Gerald J Brunetti- St Mary’s College of California, USA

Abbas Mousavi- The Middle East Institute, Washington DC, USA

Francesca Gobbo- University of Turin, Italy

José Gijón Puerta, Universidad de Granada, Spain

Jeffry King- Texas State University and Concordia University-Texas, USA

David Ingram- ISLPR Services, Australia

Ali Maleki- Middle East Language Development Institute, Iran

Ibrahima Diallo- University of South Australia, Australia, Associate Editor

Xiang Long- Guilin University of Electronic Technology, China

Denise E Murray- Anaheim University, USA

Michael Singh- University of Western Sydney, Australia

Mia O’Brien- Griffith University, Australia

Manuel Fernandez Cruz, Universidad de Granada, Spain

Mike Chuang- Deep University, Taiwan

François Victor Tochon- University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Mingle Gao, Beijing Language and Culture University, China

Kadir Beycioglu, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey.

Ali Soyoof, Monash University, Australia