Request to Publish

Intending authors may apply to be published by Adam House Press by completing the Proposal to Publish Form.

Submission Guidelines

Adam House Press encourages authors to submit a Proposal to Publish at any time accompanied by an electronic version of their Manuscript (if applicable). It is important to peruse Adam House Press’ Criteria for Publication and ensure that the Manuscript Guide has been followed before submitting a manuscript since only those publications that are able to meet the criteria and clearly contribute to Adam House Press’ mission and values can be considered.

Adam House Press Tourmaline Clearinghouse

Adam House Press acts as a clearinghouse for publications, resources and websites that are identified as having the capacity to contribute to Adam House Press mission and values. Authors/editors and resource designers may apply to Adam House Press to be assessed. If deemed Tourmaline Status applicants will be listed in Adam House Press Tourmaline Clearinghouse on the website with the expectation of mutual linkages.